Upcoming Events

March 23-26 (tomorrow-monday) at 5 Below in Greensburg, PA is the Carson’s Hope fundraiser.  Please go to http://www.carsonshope.org to print your flier to present upon check-out.  10% of  your bill will go to our charity to help pediatric cancer research and families dealing w/ this horrible disease.  I’ve learned of several children just in my area alone that have been newly diagnosed over the past few months.  Please help our charity raise money for these families.
Also, Carson’s 2nd annual fishing derby is May 6, 2012.  go to our website to register your child.  Registration is free.  Adult shirts $10.  Shirts will be the same every year.  if your child needs a new one this year please let me know.  
 i will slowly be converting to this blog instead of carepages.com.  Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey over the past few years.  it’s not the way we wanted it to turn out by any means.  this website is to help us spread the word about our events so we can continue to raise money and one day to beat cancer.  Also, you can make online donations (or by mail) to our charity as well.

As i say when anyone tells us our site is wonderful….

Wonderful site. Wonderful cause.  Hate that it is our story to tell.

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