Carson’s Gift

Carson sent us a gift this week. 3 1/2 wks early, weighing 7lbs 8oz, his sister, Emilie joy, came into this world on July 14. There were many similarities that were not coincidental by any means. Carson was born April 14 at 9:34am. Emilie was born July 14 at 9:44am. He even sent her a rainbow that day as a little “shout-out”. And the fact that she came right before his “angel-versary” was Carson’s doing for sure.
This is a very tough week for us. Tomorrow, July 18, will be 2 years since Carson gained his angel wings. Maybe he sent her to us a little early to help w/ our pain. But no matter what, it is still a hard day for us, eventhough we are over the moon for this little girl. She is being watched over by her big brother. I tell her about him all the time. I know they have a strong connection and always will.
I can’t even explain the joy we feel for “Em. J” and at the same time, the grief and love we still have for our Superman, Carson. Unless you have gone thru this exact scenario yourself it is hard to explain so i won’t even try. Like i tell Emilie all the time “I love BOTH my babies.”
There is significant meaning behind her name. We know Carson would have wanted to help in the naming process. He loved Thomas the Train. Emily the train was his favorite girl train. but we spelled it w/ an “ie’ on the end like my name. and Joy….well….for obvious reasons.
We are home and doing well. We are getting adjusted to life. We will be laying low this week (especially tomorrow). thanks for the emails/texts/calls of love and support.
And thank you Carson for being the best little boy and big brother ever. We miss you more and more w/ each passing day. You are always in our hearts and we love you so much. Never a day goes by that you aren’t in it. xoxo my sweet boy


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